Sat. May 15th, 2021

Boxing Day…and hopefully everyone’s had a fantastic Christmas Day, full love and happiness.

And indigestion, late afternoon naps and playing Christmas board games that end in tears and don’t get played again for another 12 months…

…followed by endless repeats on the tele or putting yourself through some strange form of masochistic torture for a couple of hours whilst you watch ‘Downtown’ Abbey.

Christmas Day is increasingly becoming a reminder that I’m growing old before my years…socks and slippers for me and children and grandchildren with Raspberry Pis and all sorts of other technical wizardry.

And it’s impossible for those of us ‘of an age’ not to think back to the Boxing Days of old and some of the great encounters Cov had against the ol’ enemy. Boxing Days then used to always be so simple. A lazy morning, perhaps broken only by the visit of an ageing relative, saved only by having to  leave before everyone else sat down to cold turkey, left over mince pies and reheated Christmas puddings, in order to get to the ground well before kick off to ensure a parking space.

Especially at The Reddings, where parking was always a nightmare.

Nowadays, it’s Wasps that are seen as, well hardly rivals, but maybe by some as an alternative rugby venue in Coventry threatening the club’s potential survival in the medium to long term, if nothing else.

But I’m cool with that.

But it always used to be Moseley. And they were rivals, in the truest sense.

And of gladiatorial proportions.

Coventry v Moseley, December 26th. The two best teams in the country in the early to mid 70s. Hard to believe now, eh? The winters were cold and the matches always frosty affairs, too.

A great mistake to have a blank weekend this week; it was always such a great atmosphere and the crowds were always large. Doesn’t matter that it wouldn’t have been a local derby…a home game every other year would be better than none.

Still, it’s not to be and instead it will be a Saturday spent, for a change, with my wife and probably children and/or grandchildren and that’s not a bad way to while a way an afternoon.

But listening on the radio  to West Brom getting stuffed at Swansea most definitely is…


Day 2 of the ‘Coventry’s Most Valuable Player’ poll results and this time it’s the 11th place that’s published. And you voted for:


Matt Jones. Congratulations to Matt.

I’m not sure I should comment on results or not, what’s the etiquette here…if it’s your poll then should you stay neutral?

Perhaps just a brief comment – I thought Matt might have ended up in a slightly higher position in the poll …if it’s about impact on the pitch, which is what it meant to be, then for me Matt certainly is one of the pivotal players.

But it’s all about personal opinions and that’s the beauty a poll.

Plenty of surprises to come yet!

10th place tomorrow…



By Tim

4 thought on “And on the second day of Christmas, you voted for…?”
  1. Lol….I can imagine how that went down. This is a terrible thing to say, and I’m really sorry if it upsets anyone but it is what I remember, but Moseley fans always seem more well-to-do, and I remember many drinking from hipflasks and generally having very posh accents…I was extremely impressionable then, I would only have been 10 or 11 but the image has stayed with me!

  2. Lol…that’s devotion above and beyond the call of duty. Is there an online donation site…Sue and I would like to make a donation?
    At least the temperature must be a good deal warmer than it potentially good have been. Hope it went well…photos!!!!?

  3. I too have many great memories of the boxing day derbies Tim, both home and away. My dad – no longer with us – would always drive me and my brother so we could continue our festive imbibing…
    My favourite memory was when my brother – still sporting the remnants of his hippy-era long hair – walked in front of the main stand at the Reddings and some wag shouted out ‘get that man a hairstyle’.
    You can’t beat a bit of seasonal schadenfreude!

  4. Good morning just thought I mention what boxing day means to us.its the day me and dan do the boxing day dip in the north Sea.always seems a good idea till it time to do it. Much rather be watching some kind of rugby instead.just give us a thought at 11 am all for a good cause cancer connections.

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