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What is it about Cov and fly halves?

We started off with 4 in September…yet just four months later we  have just one, Cliffie Hodgson, left fit enough to play and by all accounts he’ll have to nurse his shoulder through however many games he is able to play before undergoing surgery.

And of course at the moment he’s down to play at full back anyway, a decision that seems sensible given he is slightly more protected there than at fly half.

Good luck to Cliffie…a Cov great in the making and a loyal and personable young man to boot.

The number 10 shirt is clearly jinxed this season, so perhaps from the new year until the April we ought to abandon it and renumber it ‘9A’?

Either that, or just exorcise one of the no 10 shirts…a burning in the changing room wastebin with a quick verse or two of ”Twas on the Good Ship Venus’  should do it.

Caolan Ryan - a training ground injury means more changes to an already beleaguered back line
Caolan Ryan – a training ground injury means more changes to an already beleaguered back division

The loss of Caolan Ryan, apparently the result of a bump to the head during training,  has made a difficult trip to Ampthill a whole lot harder. A blow to the team, too, as well as a huge disappointment to Caolan who must have been relishing the opportunity to further his claims for the no 10 shirt if Matt is out for some considerable time. Of course, Adam Canning, who impressed many in the pre-season games might also have something to say about that.

I wish Caolan a speed recovery and hope Adam gets himself back into contention soon, as he still has an important part to play in Coventry’s development next season, if not before.

Whoever takes the 10 shirt, presumably either Cliffie of Scott Hamilton, he won’t necessarily have been understudying the role and the game plan might well have to be adapted accordingly. Tough for the new fly half, tough for the team, a nightmare for the coaches.

Scott Hamilton - long on experience but maybe a bit short on pace these days to be on the wing? Could have a massive influence today though
Scott Hamilton – long on experience but maybe a bit short on pace these days to be on the wing? Could have a massive influence today though

But out of adversity comes opportunity both for whoever plays fly half and for the team as a whole. It’s the kind of a thing you can’t prepare for and when it happens, it can pull  a team even closer together. I hope this is the case later today.

Throughout the last four months I have never doubted the ability of the squad to be able to turn things around. Yes, I have doubted their own self-belief but there’s a good win in them, and maybe events might actually work in their favour.

If Coventry pull together and get a develop a bit Christmas spirit on the pitch, with the Christmas break now upon us there isn’t a better time for the team to put down a marker for the second half of the season.

Ryan’s absence does mean that there’s going to be a  lack of pace in the backs now, and at least one wing today will be playing out of position which will only add to the concerns (presuming Hough comes into the team from the bench – good to see Peter Weightman back in the match day squad, although it’s a shame it has to be under such circumstances). It will almost certainly necessitate a change in tactics, and that’s no bad thing given the backs have struggled a bit this season to create decent scoring opportunities.

Good luck to all the players and officials travelling tomorrow…whilst things haven’t always gone to plan so far this season, it’s not for the want of trying and the pain felt by the team and the coaches when they haven’t performed as expected is palpable.  Coming away with some points would, I’m sure , make the Christmas break just that little bit more enjoyable for all concerned.

Maybe the fact that the Ampthill game comes at the end of the week in which new Star Wars film, ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ was released is a sign of a new awakening for Coventry, too.

With Cov returning from the Dark Side, the Force will indeed re-awaken within us.

Obi-Wan MacBurnie will find his Jedi powers have returned and all will be well with the universe once more.


I can’t end the post without commenting  once again on the lack of communication coming out of the club, this time regarding Caolan Ryan’s withdrawal from the team following a knock to the head during training, presumably on the Thursday evening.

Now to me, that’s not a late withdrawal. Saturday morning would be a late withdrawal. Thursday or Friday morning allows plenty of time for the club to inform it’s supporters of the resulting changes to the team.

Yet, when Caolan quite understandably posted a message on FB expressing his frustration at being unable to play this was the first anyone seems to have heard about it. 11 hours after the message appeared, and presumably well over 24 hours since the incident took place, nothing has come from the club to confirm this.

The loss of your fly half, the fly half who has come in to replace your first choice fly half,  is major news, surely?

it saddens me to say this, but in this instance, the club is not what it purports to be. It’s all very well banding around that ‘Your City Your Club’ tagline, but not if it only applies when convenient.


That a  club should, on the one hand, expect ‘professionalism’ from it’s players, imposing fines on them if they don’t behave in an appropriate manner (which is no bad thing – well done on that!), yet on the other behave in such a incompetent and thoughtless way towards its supporters, beggars belief. It also tars the coaches and team with the same brush, which is most unfair on them.

Despite all the promises about improving communication between the club and its supporters, there appears to be an even bigger gulf than there was at the start of the season. It’s nothing to do with the coaches…it’s not their job to release the information. I hope more than ever the team  come home with a strong performance against Ampthill, at least then they can hold there heads high…which is more than the club can over this.

It might well be that details of changes appear early Saturday morning, but a day and a half late just isn’t good enough.

As I said before, it’s not the coaches fault at all.

But it must be someone’s. And that someone should be very red-face at this latest PR gaff.

Not the best way to end the year from the point of view of the club’s PR, is it?




By Tim

2 thought on “Cov Wars – The Force Awakens…Whilst The Club’s Communication Remains Comatose”
  1. Have everything crossed…have a great day, Mick. Perhaps it’s one of those ‘against the odds’ wins that Cov come up with very now and again that live long in the memory. I certainly hope so…

    Up the Cov!

  2. Thanks Tim. On the club information front I ask “Is it ever been any different ?” You take your view on this. When info just came from the match day programme or the local CET/CT. Then along came local radio and the internet. Has the club ever used this to the max ? Can the club afford to use it ? Many questions spring to mind. But for a level three club in a small city with three senior teams we need to compete better. As Tim has mentioned before the Broadstreet twitter service is very well run.

    But on the playing front today we see a very strange looking team selection. Can this be by design or necessity we may never know. But as always here’s one fan still going and praying for a win.

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