Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
John Inverdale – a common sense approach to refereeing in the Championship and National 1

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There are some interesting thoughts from John Inverdale in today’s The Rugby Paper’ on falling attendances at Championship and National 1 games this season.

He talks about the lack of entertainment currently being offered on the pitch at this level and suggests that referees have a responsibility to ensure that spectators get better value for money from the games themselves, rather than just the overall ‘match day’ experience.

Inverdale is a long-time supporter of Esher and is on the Board there (I think) – he’s watched them at Cov a couple of times and knows his National 1 rugby better than most.

I’m not sure if this will work, but I have taken a clipping from the paper and reproduced it here ( a facility provided by the paper itself before anyone asks!)… I won’t know how clear it will be until the article goes live, so apologies if it is difficult to read.

In the same edition there is a feature on Rob Hardwick which is well worth a read…I can do the same for that if anyone is interested.

John Inverdale article

By Tim

2 thought on “John Inverdale on over zealous referees in National 1”
  1. Hi Rob…am inclined to agree, they’re not to blame for the rather drab rugby we’ve seen this season (with the exception of Esher and Fylde) but they are part of the solution.
    Attendances at the Butts are well down as they are elsewhere; we need to look at a style of play that will win us games and ensure supporters enjoy their rugby at the Butts. Neither are happening at the moment…
    Great story about Gitto…now he was someone who always played with his heart on his sleeve. He wouldn’t have enjoyed the modern era of refereeing. The yellow and red cards would definitely meant a little less backchat to the ref!

  2. An interesting article Tim. I’m not sure whether referees are to blame but I would agree that the quality of play in the matches I’ve watched at the Butts Park this year has been markedly less entertaining than previous seasons and that’s not just sour grapes.
    It appeared for a time yesterday that the officials thought the same and decided not to return for the second half….
    The disappointment I felt after the final whistle was thankfully dispelled after a few beers in the clubhouse and a chat to some of the former players who I grew up watching back at Coundon road.
    I had to smile at poor Bill Gittings looking decidely battered and bruised after walking into a hanging basket – ‘who hangs a bloody basket five foot two off the ground’.

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