Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
Rory Hutchinson’s inclusion alongside Rob Knox, has coincided with improved performances in the backs. It’s great experience for the Scotland U20s centre.

Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
Looking forward to a little afternoon delight

Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band


Match day…

Always a good feeling to wake up with a buzz of excitement at the thought of an afternoon watching Cov and the belief that things are on the up at last after such a miserable October…

There should be a decent crowd at the Butts today as more supporters are attracted back by the upturn in Coventry’s fortunes in recent weeks and the prospect of watching a more expansive game than perhaps was the case a few weeks ago.

Make no mistake, Henley are capable of producing an upset, prior to their present run of 5 consecutive defeats they’d between Darlington, Wharfedale and Loughborough.

However, it would be a major shock if Coventry lost. To put it into context, every single one  of the 48 predictions on the Rolling-maul website to date for Week 12 has Coventry down for a 5-0 win except for one , which is a 5-1 win. If everyone outside of the club has that degree of belief in the club, so should we.

Interesting that Phil Maynard should say that although the selection of today’s team wasn’t a difficult decision to make, there are others who are knocking at the door:

Other players, such as James Tincknell, were considered, but the group has performed well in the last two weeks and it is only right to show support for them for a game which offers an opportunity for them to do the same again

That’s a really positive thing to say, giving a clear message to those on the fringe that they haven’t been forgotten. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know I’m a great fan of James Tincknell and if and when Rory is recalled, James’ return (or that of Callum MacBurnie or Cliffie Hodgson) won’t weaken the side.

And as for the ‘interesting news’ that was going to come out of the club this week…I wonder if anyone can enlighten me as to what exactly it was because I’m very much none the wiser on that front.

I’ll be posting some pre-match photos later today, together with the transcript of the tweets sent during the game. For those not able to attend today, I’ll tweet regular updates  from @CowshedTim or you can see the updates on this blog – go to the homepage and the live Twitter feed is visible in the right hand column.

Let’s hope for an exciting game that will be remembered for all the right reasons…

See you there.




By Tim

4 thought on “Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite”
  1. Hi Cliff, of course I’d be happy to listen to anything aimed at improving the website!
    have a good ‘un…


  2. Thanks Tim. Would you believe it hadn’t occurred to me to look on the Club website! I guess that’s a reflection of how poor the site normally is and the fairly certain fact that I’ll get little info from it.
    Which leads me tell you that I am slowly formulating a plan in my mind which I think I’d like to bounce off you. Obviously it relates to the subject of the Club website (you know what I’m referring to) and I’ll email you next week after I’ve thought a little more and deliberated a little more. Hope that’s OK with you.

  3. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/rugby/improving-coventry-rfc-name-unchanged-10514401

    Sorry, I usually put the link in!

    Have a great afternoon…with any luck there’ll be lots of positives coming from the game to continue to build on. 5 points would be great, but I guess the first priority is to get the win, although I think it might feel a bit of an anticlimax after the previous two games if we don’t achieve the bonus.

    Hope it stays dry for you! But the forecast doesn’t look good…weatherwise that is.


  4. Hi Tim,
    I can’t find the source of your quote from PM. It’s not within the content of the team announcement for today’s game, so you’ll have to help me find it, please.
    And like you, I’m so much looking forward to today’s game. It’s going to be cold and a bit raw, but I think we can expect the team to put on quite a dazzling display and achieve 5 points. I may not see you today as me old mucker Kimbo is coming and I have little doubt he’ll want to stand on the opposite side to the main stand – even if it’s absolutely chucking it down.

Any thoughts:

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