Tue. May 11th, 2021

These are the tweets from today’s game and give an idea of how the game ebbed and flowed (certainly more flowing in the first half!). Unfortunately, the tweets between 5-10 minutes weren’t picked up by IFTT…when Oliver scored from a quick tap by Evans. Apologies!

14:58 Teams coming out!
14:59 Cov playing towards railway end with kick off
14:59 We’re off!
15:00 Henley kick ball away. Cov with ball on half way line
15:01 But pass goes into touch
15:01 And forward…Henley scrum
15:01 Front rows talked to already!
15:02 Scrum not settling…
15:02 Cov penalised…binding?
15:03 Henley kick to our 22
15:03 But knock on from throw…
15:04 Cov scrum good…Henley penalised. Jones to our 40m
15:05 Throw good!
15:10 Scrum good and win another penalty
15:10 Jones to just inside their half
15:11 Throw won well by Thomas and mini break by Le Roux
15:11 Cov lose ball…scrum Henley on their 35m
15:12 Scrum reset again!
15:13 Cov push Henley back but they manage to kick ball away
15:13 Henley offside…Jones kicks to their 22
15:14 Lineout lost!
15:14 Henley find touch on half way
15:15 Lineout lost but Cov win ball. Great pass from Hutchinson
15:16 Cov knock on after great pass from Hutchinson..
Too quick!
15:17 Poor phase of play but ends with unlucky knock on decision against Henley on their 22
15:17 Handling poor on both sides reakly
15:18 Scrum good….Le Roux break ends in penalty and no 8 yellowed

for Henley

15:18 Scrum opted for 15 m in front of posts.
15:19 Come on Civ
15:19 Cov
15:19 Raining quite heavily now
15:20 Scrum good. Another penalty…and opting for corner
15:20 5m out – Rob Knox shows strength to hand off and score

under post

15:25 In front of posts and converted….12-3 cov
15:25 Henley win dropout
15:26 But kick to our half. Le Roux prominent again
15:27 Cov trying to get ball wide seeing lots of ball here
15:27 Win scrum out wide on their 25m line
15:27 Make that 15m mark!
15:28 Scrum looking very strong. Henley penalised, Cov having walked

scrum 10m

15:28 Ref issuing Henley with warning
15:29 Very annoying Henley supporter behind me
15:29 Henley back to 15
15:30 Cov scrum has to be retaken
15:30 Try here and Henley could have a difficult last 50mins
15:31 Another penalty and their no 1 yellowed!
15:31 Penalty try before long?
15:32 Scrum retaken…
15:32 Getting a bit heated up front
15:33 Pitch starting to look worn in corner now
15:34 Penalty try given!!!!
15:34 Great effort from pack!
15:34 Henley no answer to power of our scrum at the moment
15:36 Henley supporter being a real pain now…sour and grapes

spring to mind

15:37 Knox runs 60m to score and shut the guy up whose upsetting

everyone now!

15:37 Converted from in front of posts
15:38 Running wide and from deep at will now…Hutchinson looking

the part

15:38 Lineout on their 40 is good
15:39 Maul on the move…
15:39 But we drop ball!
15:40 All Cov now
15:40 Cov win penalty after long advantage!!!
15:40 Kick to their 20m
15:41 Pouring it down
15:41 But Cov penalised on 40m
15:41 They kick to our 40m
15:42 From lineout Henley awarded scrum
15:43 Henley throwing everything at us in final minutes of half but

defence pushing them backwards

15:44 Forward pass sees half time whiste
15:44 26-3 Cov and bonus point
15:49 Great place to be on a Saturday afternoon at 3.45 B-) https://t.co/FncbczB4ec
15:55 And we’re off
15:55 Kivalu on for Brown
15:55 Henley throw on 40
15:56 Cov penalised
Kick to our 10 m
15:57 Bit of handbags..
15:57 Thomas carded…
15:58 Another penalty to Henley….breaks out into fight. Chad very stupid
15:58 Ref chatting to tj
15:59 Ill discipline could cost us here
15:59  Thorne carded too, down to 13 now
16:06 Cov win penalty…kick to their 22
16:06 Stopping the rot here…well done
16:07 But Henley with possession now but Cov defending well
16:08 Win penalty and kick to our 37m mark
16:09 They win lineout. But ball breaks free in midfield. Great chase sees us with ball in their 22
16:10 Cov doing really well to keep play in their half….still down to 13
16:10 Make that 14 now as Ben Thomas returns!
16:11 Price off holding head…Dev ion!!!!!
16:11 Brown offer Dom
16:12 Brown on and Dom off
16:12 Henley quick tap…
16:13 Throwing wide but get nowhere. Rush defence immovable
16:14 Henley starting to make ground…
16:15 Cov knock on on 35m.
16:15 Chad back on and Dev…Brown off
16:16 Cov scrum penalised. Henley clearly energised now
16:17 Kick to 20m
16:17 And they win a penalty…but advantage played
16:19 Henley maul rolls 20m to score 5m from left touch. Warning signs here
16:19 Carpo coming on
16:20 26-15 conversion missed
16:20 Pailor off
16:21 Cov win ball from kick off but promptly lose it again
16:22 Scrum awarded to Henley…14 mins left
16:23 Cov drive Henley scrum and win put in
16:24 From scrum ball goes wide…Cov win penalty and kick to left corner…5m
16:25 Throw good
16:26 Pen to Cov following disallowed try for forward pass
16:26 Jones to kick for 3 points. Yes…
16:27 29-15
16:27 Thomas collects dropout
16:27 But lose ball from kick…
16:28 Henley gaining ground, but slowly…up to half way
16:30 Scrum to Henley after scrappy phase of play
16:31 Ref having trouble settling scrum
16:31 MoM Rob Knox
16:32 Cov knock on going forward…Hamilton on for Dom
16:34 Henley attacking now on our 30m line…if we had one, but you know what I mean’
16:35 Cov win throw and kick to their 22….
16:35 Great tackle from Dev on scrum half
16:36 Cov penalised and Henley kick to our 20m
16:38 And penalised again but ref talks to tj and Henley player yellow carded
16:38 Cov kick to half way
16:38 Throw is good
16:39 Cov use maul…. But lose the ball and are then penalised
16:40 Henley tap and knock on as ref blows for full time
16:41 29-15…great first half…on the back foot a bit in the second
16:48 Pleasure…glad to be out if the cold now
16:48 @FrozenManitoban no problem, thank you for tuning in!!!!
16:51 Will put some photos on blog…www.coventryrfc.me later. Too wet for many decent ones I’m afraid


By Tim

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