How the afternoon matinee could yet determine the outcome of the evening performance

I wanted to make the Cinderford game, I really did.

But a meal with friends followed by the theatre isn’t a bad alternative, all things considered.

Mind you, after an afternoon glued to the computer, tablet and phone scanning the ether for updates from Dockham Road, good company,  a decent meal, a glass of Sauvignon all followed by a gently comedy is probably just what I’ll need in order to relax in the evening.

I just hope I’ll be toasting a Coventry win; anything else and I’ll never manage to concentrate on the play as I’ll be too busy drafting Sunday’s post.  I hope the players appreciate the responsibility on their shoulders today; a poor result and they could be held accountable for ruining not only my evening but also that of three others who’ll have to put up with a surly and sullen companion who’ll add little to the evening’s entertainment.

‘For god’s sake lads, we can’t be responsible for ruining his evening…’

They need to know that.

…and if they’re behind at the break, with the unenviable record this season of never winning a game where they’ve been behind after 40 minutes, that could be the focus of Scott Morgan’s half time team talk. It could be  just the motivation they need.

Either that or the threat of wearing their pink kit to all matches, home and away for the remainder of the season if they can’t turn it around in the second half…

IMG_1542 - Copy - Copy
Only real men can wear pink..or so they say

Actually, not only was I extremely downbeat having travelled down to Esher to watch Coventry’s worst display of the season, I was really disappointed to find that Coventry had chosen to play in their home strip. I was really looking forward to seeing the players wearing pink, and not wishing to stereotype, pink might have been the more appropriate colour to wear that day.

I’m not sure if the alternative strip is the official away strip or if it will only be used when there is a clash. I actually think it looks okay; I’ll be gutted if they use it tomorrow. I think Darlington Mowden’s strip is made up of blue and white hoops, so that’s another reason to make the journey up to the Northern Echo Arena…


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Hodgson scored all Coventry’s points away at Cinderford last season

Last year’s match at Cinderford was a dour affair. The first half was memorable for the huge downpour that prevented any sort of flowing rugby and handling was a real problem. Cliffie Hodgson scored all 15 of Coventry’s points from penalties and whilst Cinderford scored the only try of the match mid-way through the second half, it was never going to be enough and Coventry won 11-15 in the end.


The team sheet for tomorrow’s game has a familiar look to that of last season’s Autumn encounter. 9 of the players starting also played then with Hodgson, MacBurnie, Hurrell, Morgan, Turner and Milne being replaced by Mieres, Hutchinson, Weightman, Thomas, Oliver and Le Roux.

Although it will be cold, hopefully it will be dry. Coventry’s scrum are good enough to prosper in any conditions, but the backs could do without any rain if they are to come into the game in the second half the way that they did against Blaydon.

There was a noticeably better team spirit during and after the game last weekend…another encouraging  performance of the kind we witnessed at the Butts against Blaydon will encourage the players to believe that a strong second half to the season isn’t yet beyond them and with teams above them dropping points with encouraging regularity, Cov could yet play a decisive part in what happens at the top of the table come April.

It’s up to you, Cov…

So best of luck to Cov and to Messrs Roberts, Stout and Foreman who are playing for Broadstreet against Luctonians RFC at Binley Woods.


Saturday evening could go one of two ways – witty badinage or sullen derision.

Come on lads…do me a favour, please…it’s your (curtain) call







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1 thought on “How the afternoon matinee could yet determine the outcome of the evening performance

  1. Well Tim, you got your wish. As we all did. It came as very good news at horribly cold Twickers, so it made my trip to watch the Baa-Baas against the Argies all the more enjoyable. Hopefully it made your evening so much more enjoyable too, to the extent that no one could have accused you if being “surly and sullen”.
    Doesn’t the result, and the way in which it was achieved, according to the limited reports we have so far, make the retention of the same squad of players as last week so sensible and justified? After all the chopping and changing we’re back to, essentially, the same nucleus of players who took us on that 18 game unbeaten run last year.
    Your point about the team spirit can’t be over-emphasised. There must be a real bond being forged now. Indeed, you could see it both during and after last week’s game, and it would seem that it played a very substantial part in yesterday’s game too.
    So here’s to next week!

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