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Coventry V Blaydon – the tweets

14:56 75 seconds silence today… in memory of those who died in the Blitz
15:01 And we’re off. Silence poignant
15:01 Cov playing towards railway end
15:02 Concede early penalty. Blaydon kick to corner
15:03 5m out…Blaydon win throw
15:04 Another pen to Blaydon. Kick to corner again. Hands in ruck?
15:05 Blaydon knock on from lineout. Scrum Cov 5m
15:06 Blaydon bring down scrim. Cov pen
15:06 Defend lines well. Could build a bit of confidence
15:08 Lose ball from kick ahead…great kick sees their lineout 10m from our line.
15:09 Throw not straight. Cov playing ‘get out of jail’ card early
15:09 Let Roux makes good yards from base of scrum. Jones clears to half way
15:10 Win lineout!
15:11 Knox break, but no support
15:11 Blaydon regain possession and clear to half way. Much better from Cov
15:13 Poor kicks from both teams end with Cov throw on Blaydon 40m
15:14 Dom knocks on from Jones up and under…play ends on our 22m line
15:15 Kick and chase earns Cov lineout on our 40
15:15 Cov opt to kick again…crowd getting frustrated as Cov waste possession
15:17 Throw not straight, Cov put in…scrum solid and causes Blaydon to collapse. Jones kicks to Blaydon 5m!!!
15:17 Win lineout
15:18 But ball held up. Blaydon scrum on 5m
15:19 Pause while Brown gets some treatment
15:20 Blaydon scrum looking strained. Ref re-scrums
15:21 Better from Blaydon and they kick to 22m
15:22 Pen to Cov…Jones 22m out to right of posts
15:22 3-0 Cov
15:23 Jones misses touch from kick off…Blaydon on attack
15:24 Good chase by Weightman
15:25 Blaydon 7 makes 25m into Cov 22 but play breaks down
15:26 Cov scrum from knock on…
15:26 Evans feeds
15:26 Free kick taken quickly
15:27 Blaydon close in on our line
15:28 Evans steals but poor Dom clearance sees ball returned to our 22
15:29 Let Roux again surges on, but ball lost…no retention at the moment
15:30 Blaydon however going through the phases here
15:30 Not making much ground
15:31 Cov capitalise…and win pen…deliberate knock on…calls for yellow!!!!
15:32 Cov attacking now
15:33 Back row look much more solid…win pen 22m and just to right of posts…Jones to take kick
15:34 6-0
15:35 Cov play themselves into danger with poor kick and chase
15:35 Blaydon attack with scrum half prominent
15:35 Turnover ball
15:36 Their 8 replaced
15:37 Forward pass prevents their centre from going over
15:37 Phew!
15:37 Great Cov scrum makes 10m before winning penalty
15:38 Jones kicks to 30m
15:39 Blaydon penalised for pulling player down. 25m out and well to left. Jones to kick
15:40 9-0
15:40 We score each time we enter their half…they don’t. Simple
15:41 Pailor breaks but possession lost
15:41 Cov in front…Blaydon kick to 10m
15:42 Need to hang on until half time now
15:43 And they do!
15:44 Some much better performances from Cov who are cheered off by relieved supporters.
15:45 Crowd 1047…better than I feared!
15:52 Still too tight to call but Cov looked more confident in last 20 mins. Good defence at end of the half
15:54 Teams out for second half
15:55 We’re off!
15:56 Cov on attack…
15:56 Blaydon knock on 30m out and in front
15:58 Bit of handbags at first scrum…ref speaks to captains
15:59 And a penalty as Blaydon front row drop…
15:59 Ref has long chat with Blaydon skip
15:59 Jones from 39m in front…yes!
16:00 12-0
16:00 Bonus point on penalties!
16:02 Blaydon get scrum on our 40m…but some afters…ref speaks to their 6 but no pen
16:03 Blaydon take a prop off
16:03 And their hooker too
16:04 Blaydon scrum in tatters. Prop just come on is yellowed!
16:05 Cov kick to 25m out
16:05 More noise now from Cov supporters
16:05 Cov on charge
16:06 And over…!!!! Silence for a moment, then huge relief
16:07 Le Roux! Jones converts…19-0
16:08 Seeing the Le Roux of old now
16:08 Drops shoulder and charges through.
16:09 Cov knock on their 30m
16:10 Cov knock on needlessly half way into their own half
16:11 Blaydon scrum….managed to win scrum. Just. But then throw a forward pass
16:13 Massive scrum from Cov wins penalty.
16:13 Jones to 40m line
16:14 Cov get drive going and win pen 30m out…going for corner. Now confidence shows!!!!
16:14 5m out
16:16 But poor lineout ends with knock on. Blaydon go backwards at scrum but somehow manage to clear ball
16:17 Cov throw on 15m
16:18 Driving maul, driving rain, driving over in the corner!!!!
16:18 Mieres
16:19 @CowshedTim should have read driving rain….
16:19 Cold fingers
16:19 Jones misses conversion 24-0
16:20 More Blaydon changes
16:21 Hutchison knocks on in front of our posts as Jones tries to get the play flowing
16:22 Cov defending now…but knock on.
16:22 Correction Evans scored first try
16:23 Dev coming on!
16:24 Cov win ball and kick…chase end 2m from their line
16:25 Pailor looking like he means business…
16:26 Price and Thorne off to huge ovation
16:26 Kivalu on too
16:28 Free kick to Blaydon…taken quickly
16:29 Some fantastic hands out wide and Dom goes over
16:30 Hutchison and Le Roux off…great applause. Good conversion from Jones…31-0
16:30 Carpo and Hamilton on
16:32 Blaydon falling apart here…crossing on their 22…we kick to corner
16:33 Catch and drive sees Devlin Hope go over to massive cheers
16:33 Bonus point
16:34 Converted…38-0
16:34 Ryan on at scrum half…
16:35 Cov rampant as Knox almost goes over
16:35 But penalised for not releasing
16:36 Check later for tweets on blog. Better reading this week!
16:36 Jones MoM
16:37 Cov having to defend now
16:37 Penalty sees Blaydon go for corner…5m out
16:38 Another pen…
16:39 Blaydon run it and knock on….all over. 39-0. Great second half….looking forward to writing post tomorrow
16:40 So much happier 7 days on!

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