Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

In the week following the Esher game, just when it’s crying out for some sort of statement from someone at the club, anyone really, as to why Coventry were so outclassed on the day, there hasn’t even been the usual Mon/Tues press release. From Saturday’s post-match comments in the Telegraph and the report in The Rugby Post until early evening Thursday, nothing.

Disappointing really. A wall of silence, only serves to frustrate supporters more.

It would have been good to know what the reaction from the squad was at the Tuesday training session, or what’s being done differently this week by the coaches to try and ensure we’ll be better equipped to give a performance that reflects the true abilities of a team that seems so lacking in confidence at the moment.

With it being a home game on Saturday and an attendance likely to again be well down on last season’s averages, you might have expected the club to try and generate some interest during the week with news of what’s been happening.

The coaches must feel vulnerable at the moment, too, with a string of disappointing performances, supporters calling for change and the club in the wrong half of the league table – a statement in support of them and what they are trying to do might also have been appreciated. It’s something I might have expected, anyway.

Wrongly, as it happens.

Even a statement to thank those supporters who journeyed down to watch a performance that Scott Morgan said publicly was the worst in the four years he’s been at the club, would have been something.

Still, perhaps I’m of the old school and things have moved on.

Maybe the rumour regarding Coventry City being interested in a move to the Butts might engender a response. An outright rebuttal would be welcome…

In the meantime, the only media comments regarding Saturday’s game against Blaydon seem to be coming from Crow Trees (is there a better named ground in the League?) where an upbeat Director of Rugby, Micky Ward, relieved that Blaydon had secured their first win in 8 games, commented that:

You never really know what to expect from (Coventry).

They have a good budget and players including the former All Black Craig (sic) Hamilton, but they change their personnel a lot.

(Chronicle Live – Coventry v Blaydon preview)

It’s interesting that’s how Coventry are perceived from outside of the club –  having a ‘good’ budget and a club that changes it’s personnel a lot. Is the second half of the last sentence Ward’s explanation as to why we might have a ‘false league position’.

In Cov’s defence, I’m not sure I totally agree with what he’s saying as in the last two seasons we’ve kept hold of a large percentage of the previous seasons’ squads, but certainly there have been occasions when there have been wholesale changes. This year, would we have made so many changes week in, week out had we not had the injuries? Probably not.

Whether there’s any mileage or not in what he says, it’s still the view of one of the clubs in National 1 and they probably aren’t alone in thinking it.

It would appear that Blaydon will be without their prop, Andrew Foster who is on the bench for Newcastle Falcons this weekend. Just how much that weakens their scrum remains to be seen. Hopefully, it’s an area in which we should have an advantage.

And what of the Coventry team? Still waiting on that at the moment….



Before having a brief look at Saturday’s team announced earlier this evening, a word of thanks to the club for releasing news as to where some of the squad players have now been loaned out to. Anyone reading this blog on even a semi-regular basis will know I have been somewhat critical of the lack of information coming from the club, especially about what’s happening to those squad players whom we haven’t been seeing on match days. Thank you for the update.

Simple things make a big difference.

It’s disappointing that Courtney Roberts isn’t seen as being a first team squad player as of now, but at least he’s getting some competitive rugby under his belt. It clearly worked for Danny Wright; hopefully it will for Courtney, too.

As for the team itself, it’s pretty close to the one that I’d forecast in Wednesday’s post (11/11/15)  and I’m delighted that Coventry have reverted to a more tried and tested format. The importance of Saturday’s game can’t be understated; excuse the vernacular but it’s ‘sh!t or bust’ in many ways. It’s one we have to win and the repercussions of anything else just aren’t worth even mentioning here. That’s why electing to go with experience throughout the team, with the exception of young Rory Hutchinson, is the only sensible option available right now.

It’s a significant decision made by the selectors here. Despite, by my reckoning, well over 20 new recruits since May including DRs and the likes of  Baker, Carpo, Mieres and Smith in the last few weeks, Cov have gone back to the squad that served them so well for most of last season. The pack contains no ‘new’ faces being completely reliant on players from last season and in the backs there are just three of this year’s recruits playing – Mieres at full back, Hutchinson in the centre and Weightman on the wing.

Had MacBurnie been fit I rather thing he would have been wearing the No 13 shirt, as is the case on the wing had Dan Rundle been available. The full back has been a problem position for us since Cliffie’s  run of injuries at the back end of last year. The inclusion of the Gaston Mieres makes complete sense to me, especially as Hamilton hasn’t really done a great deal this season other than a decent performance in the second half of the Loughborough game. Having him on the bench gives Morgan the option of using his vast experience should things be tight in the final quarter. Caolan Ryan has proved himself a capable stand in this season and although he probably doesn’t want to be labelled as a ‘utility’ player, that is exactly what he’s becoming, an an extremely useful one at that. His time will surely come.

In the forwards, there are no great surprises. With Parkins out , and presumably for some time given the

Danny retains his place in the second row and Chad comes back into the side after a long spell away
Danny Wright retains his place in the second row and Chad Thorne comes back into the side after a long time absent

obvious pain he was in at Blaydon, and Kivalu demoted to the bench, Thorne and Brown return to the front row with Price, and Hope to come on in the second half to add a bit more mobility and a fresher pair of legs. I’m glad to see Chad back, there were times last season when he dominated the opposition front rows, as did Brown. Kivalu  has got some stick from supporters over his apparent lack of fitness; I’m not convinced about that, he tends to hang back from rucks when we are in possession of the ball and is used to make the initial break into opposition defences, Hardwick style. Or maybe I’m being a bit generous…? Anyway, he’s on the bench and if he comes on for the last 25 minutes or so, he could cause some real damage.

I thought Danny Wright would get the nod over Roberts (although he’s now gone to ‘Street) and Ben Thomas. He has yet to prove he’s up there with Thomas and Courtney (and Martin Wolfenden when he returns from representing Zimbabwe in the Cup of Nations) for me, but he is Cov through and through, but with Cov’s already atrocious disciplinary record, he’s something of a risk!

Back at No 8 - for me his best position
JLR back at No 8 – for me his best position.

The back row looks quicker with Pailor, Oliver and Le Roux, and much will depend on their speed to the breakdown. The stats suggest this might be an area of strength for Blaydon – negate their back row and we are really in business. Whilst Daniel Carpo comes with real pedigree, he hasn’t added a great deal to Coventry on the pitch. Le Roux at No 8 is something of a talisman, or can be when he’s going forward.

What this team says about the quality of the players brought in during the close season is perhaps best left for another day – or maybe about the way these players have been used up to now. It’s taken 10 weeks to revert to a team selected from what is ostensibly last year’s squad, Mieres excepted. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

However, the next couple of days is about getting behind the team selected to face Blaydon. All these players played a big part in the 18 game unbeaten run last season with the exception of the injured Le Roux.  It certainly rewards loyalty if nothing else.

This is a team the crowd will warm to, familiar faces who have proved themselves to  a ‘discerning’ set of supporters, one not always easy to please. There will be some added excitement at the prospect of seeing Gaston Mieres for the first time – with only a four week trial, let’s hope he has a blinder and we snap him up because if we don’t, surely someone else will?

So, here’s to a great game and one that sees us start to play with the confidence and self-belief we showed back in the balmy days of late August, early September.


Now I was never a great fan of the late Whitney – at all – but it seems to me that ‘One Moment in Time’ seems frighteningly appropriate for Cov just now, given their present situation:

Give me one moment in time
When I’m racing with destiny…

…I’ve lived to be the very best
I want it all, no time for less
I’ve laid the plans, now lay the chance
Here in my hands.

The plans are indeed laid, the chance is now; Cov need to grab it with both hands.

Come on, Cov!

By Tim

11 thought on “Coventry v Blaydon: One moment in time…”
  1. Hi Paul…unfortunately I might struggle to get to the game…an evening at the theatre is probably going to put the kibosh on it, sadly…glad Sue doesn’t read this!

  2. I think Tom does a really good job. The info he gives is the lifeblood for many of us and he seems willing to get it to supporters asap, often before it is put on the board. Like Dave Roach, JW, JB at al, Tom is one the people who seems to work tirelessly for the betterment of the club. Definitely seems one of the good guys!
    However, I rather suspect he can only release the news given to him by the club, and if the club aren’t releasing anything, well…
    I know you’ve done your done your bit over communication too, it just seems that there’s very little movement from the club on this one.

    Thank you once again for your kind words, they are as always much appreciated.

    See you tomorrow…and let’s hope, as you so admirably put it, for a stonking win!
    Up the Cov!

  3. Hi Tim
    I so much enjoy reading your thoughts. They’re so much more than ramblings, and they are essential reading each day. Keep it up!
    There’s so much about the club at the moment which I feel is letting me down. And when I say “me”, I am confident that I speak on behalf of the vast majority of supporters.
    Why, as supporters, are we hearing nothing out of the club about:-
    – loan/DR players and what the club is doing with them
    – progress as to injuries and the players’ expected return to fitness
    – something, anything, to offer news/info/updates as to the recent losses and the style of play which has been so inadequate
    – prospects and commitments for the future
    – etc, etc.
    Yes, Tom has given us just a snippet, so we must be grateful for that, but I really feel the club could do so much more in taking the initiative to keep an open and honest channel of communication with supporters. For us to support the team on the field of play is one thing, but it’s almost as if we’re “driving blind” because we are given no info from the club itself. I genuinely feel that the club needs to appreciate the fan’s support and for them to be open in communication would be a recognition of this.
    Anyway, here’s to tomorrow, and a stonking good win.
    By the way, Kimbo’s not coming so I’ll be taking my usual seat.

  4. I do feel the statement by Cov City is very ambiguous…the headline suggests it’s dismissing speculation but the article then goes on to say the club are, ‘We’re currently exploring all options in regards to a new stadium’…and ‘Coventry City Football Club are aware of recent media reports linking the club to a move to Butts Park Arena. We will not be making any further comment at this time’ is hardly an out and out rejection. With you on this one, Mick…I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it yet.

  5. Hi again…I’ve probably not expressed myself very clearly…there’s no criticism of the Telegraph intended whatsoever, but I might have expected the club to be keen to contact their local paper this week to reassure supporters as to what is being done to address the obvious problems on the pitch that culminated in the poor display at Esher. Hope JW doesn’t feel I was having a pop because I truly wasn’t!

  6. Can see your point Mick, but isn’t Tom Little the Press Officer? It is not as if John Wilkinson’s holiday is not known , he goes at this time each year. Hope to see you tomorrow .

  7. The probable reason that nothing has appeared early this last week in The CT is because John Wikinson is on holiday. Fully agree that our club should be more up front with press releases. On the CRFC/CCFC front its not that long ago people where saying that Wasps would not come to Coventry. I have said in the past that I would not live long enough to see BPA fully developed. But strange things happen with unlikely bedfellows .

  8. My pleasure. Is that going to be a future Cov trivia question ? Who played for an International side before playing 80 minutes for Cov?

  9. Brilliant…so many lines there that are worth a post on their own!
    Love Franki Valli, although a bit before my time…if you haven’t seen The Jersey Boys at the theatre, it’s well worth a visit! Huge feelgood factor (seen Dr Feelgood a couple of times, too!). Could have entitled this post ‘Silence is (Not) Golden’…certainly been feelin’ a bit of a ‘Rag Doll’ of late watching Cov. Still ‘Let’s Hang On’ (To what we had…!)…It’s a question for Cov of ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’…or if we have the kind of start we did against Esher, maybe ‘Stay’ at half time. If the weather stays as it is…we’ll all have to ‘Tell It to the Rain’.
    Thanks for the comment…good way to start the day!

  10. You’re home again, I’m glad you kept the key
    Been waiting here, it seemed a million years to me
    But hush now I know you’re all cried out
    It’s all right inside, I’ve had no doubt
    About your love for me
    I can see behind the tears
    I’m certain of the way we feel
    And given time the hurt will heal

    I need you, I think I always will
    From time to time you play around
    But I love you still
    You tried them all, at everybody’s beck and call
    Maybe you resist them all
    When I tell you how I missed you

    Fallen angel, I’ll forgive you anything
    You can’t help the things you do

    Home again so won’t you close the door
    Stay here with me and
    We’ll forget what’s gone before
    Just hold me tight
    Our love is gonna make it right
    Put shadows way beyond recall
    The ghost has almost gone

    Fallen angel, I’ll forgive you anything
    You can’t help the things you do

    Like you not a great Whitney fan, certainly not One Moment in Time. Thought this might be bit more appropriate to our feelings over the past few weeks. It’s Fallen Angel by Frankie Valli.

    We can only hope come 16.40 on Saturday it’s more Lionel Ritchie and we will feel like ‘ Dancing on the Ceiling!’

Any thoughts:

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