Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

The texts sent from the game…not the easiest of reads, I’m afraid.

Last tweet says it all…

Time Comment
12:37 Arrived wet and bedraggled…never rains at the Butts… https://t.co/BRmV0Y9V0q
13:26 Obviously Esher are aware of @CoventryRugby physicality! #nogainwithoutpain https://t.co/MfQQ5A68ST
13:38 Cov coach just arrived…here we go! https://t.co/ZGPXRg0kXm
13:49 Guess who’s here…???? https://t.co/gy0mhsiomV
14:09 Following a couple of disappointing games @CoventryRugby make some late positional changes https://t.co/7jQreqXtdJ
14:29 @jeffrundle7 @PaulRossborough along with 2000 + others
14:31 Cov all out warming up now with 30 minutes to go https://t.co/ga0clok9f2
14:57 5 mins to kick off! Feeling sick…
14:58 Teams out..minutes silence in memory of the fallen many
15:02 Line-out won
15:03 Plenty of phases but lose ball
15:04 Esher win pen 40m out….going for corner
15:04 Not a great kick…up to 30m
15:05 Parkins down…ankle?
15:05 And is off. Andy Brown on
15:06 Quick 22 drop out…
15:07 Esher retaining ball well
15:08 Up to Cov 22…missed tackle sees Esher go over in the corner
15:09 Missed con…5-0
15:10 Cov lose possession from kick off…and then concede pen…40m from Cov line
15:10 Not rolling away?
15:11 Kick to corner…on our 22m line
15:12 Esher pressing…
15:12 Esher drop ball..Hutch great kick to Esher 20m line
15:14 Esher intent on running everything at the moment but good defence from Cov
15:14 We win ball and kick to their 22
15:14 Esher lineout solid…and win penalty
15:15 Their throw just inside their half
15:16 Another penalty conceded and try unconverted
15:18 15 mins gone Carpo yello carded – persistent off-side
15:19 Esher running kickoff back
15:20 Cov seeing little ball at the moment
15:21 Esher still with possession. But lateral now
15:22 Spoke to soon…Sunderland breaks from 22 and scores
15:22 Cov unable to get any ball at all
15:23 17-0
15:23 Better kick off…into touch on their 10m line
15:24 Throw in Cov on their 22
15:24 Win lineout
15:25 Almost lose ball but Esher knock on
15:26 Esher injury to their prop…he’s off
15:27 Our scrum…penalty!
15:27 30m out slightly to the right…Ryan with kick
15:28 Carpo is back on…pen missed!
15:29 Drop out…great kick by Ryan…into their 22
15:29 Win their throw!
15:30 But lose possession as they push us…their scrum feed
15:31 Great scrum! Esher feeding…
15:31 Opt for scrum! Better!
15:32 We get ball back but knock on…Esher scrum on their 22
15:34 Cov gather Esher kick…but lose possession again
15:34 End up 40m back!
15:35 Esher win throw…and then a scrum 25m out in front of posts
15:37 From scrum Esher send it out wide to the left and Sutherland goes over
15:37 So easy…
15:38 Con missed…22 nil
15:38 Price on for Farnworth
15:39 Wright yellow carded…not gone down well…playing the player without the ball
15:40 Couldn’t make it up
15:40 And over Esher go again…
15:41 5 tries…and nil-ed…it doesn’t get much worse. Esher must be wondering when we’ll turn up. 27 nil
15:42 Let Roux off for Pailor
15:42 Esher still on attack from kick off…
15:44 Winindirect fk..scrum on move before kick off…
15:44 Cov relieve lines..up to Esher 40
15:46 Half time…27-0. If Cov had 20% possession I’d be amazed.
15:51 Very poor performance…just seem so short of confidence. No pace in forwards and poor discipline
15:52 Can’t imagine what’s being said in the dressing room right now
15:55 Fylde out…white coming from Cov dressing room…
15:58 And after a couple of phases we manage to knock on…and Blaydon beating Fylde…next week could be interesting!
16:00 Cov scrum goes backwards…Fylde run straight and through two tackles to score under the posts…
16:00 This is embarrassing now
16:00 34-nil
16:01 Sorry…meant Esher!
16:02 Cov win penalty 30m out…kick to corner…10m out
16:03 Win throw!
16:03 Bit of possession now…
16:05 Still 10m out…Esher knock on…Cov scrum. back to 15
16:07 Cov lose ball…Esher scrum
16:09 Cov knock on…scrum Esher on their 30ms
16:10 From a Cov scrum Cov go right and Dom scores. Better…
16:10 Ryan from touch is well wide…
16:11 34-5
16:11 Worth and Weightman on for Baker and Hamilton
16:13 Kick attacking from kick off…Esher supporters pleased we’re trying
16:13 Pen to Cov…to corner…
16:15 But knock on 2m out…
16:15 Esher scrum…
16:16 Esher still prepared too run…but eventually kick to half way line
16:16 No prop on bench to give Kivalu any respite
16:18 Esher offside on their 40ms…kick to 23
16:18 Lose lineout
16:18 Esher clear lines…
16:19 Cov knock on trying to get ball out wide…
16:19 Good intentions but….
16:20 Win penalty from scrum…
16:20 Ryan kicks to their 22
16:21 Lose possession from lineout…
16:26 Esher knock on from lineout…Cov scrum.
16:27 Esher backrow win ball and Esher kick to our 15
16:28 We can only clear lines to our 22
16:29 Sutherland illegally prevents us from gaining ball and they kick to our 15m line
16:30 Again clear lines to our 22, under the cosh again
16:31 Esher don’t release. Pen Cob
16:32 Le Roux on for Carpo…
16:33 Their backrow again too quick and Cov forced to hold on…penalty Esher on our 40
16:33 Kick to 10ms
16:34 Dom covers kick through for drop out
16:36 Weightman decent run, loses ball…kick to our 22
16:37 Ryan caught isolated…poor pass from Woodburn to no one sees Sutherland go over
16:38 Conversion missed…39-5
16:38 Missed kicks stopped Esher from getting the 50
16:40 Esher just too quick to the breakdown for Cov.
16:41 Esher…three passes…70m and Sutherland goes over…his fourth
16:42 Converted…46-5
16:42 It’s all over thank goodness
16:42 Embarrassed of Coventry signing out

By Tim

9 thought on “Esher v Coventry – the tweets…”
  1. Lol! Not quite like bigm mentions on the message board, calling for International Rescue, but surely, without bringing the excellent song into disrepute, A Change is Gonna come. Don’t know when, but it surely must be coming at a rate of knots now. Looking forward to your next missive. Good night .

  2. Thanks Paul, totally understand your need to be diplomatic! The itch is becoming a weeping sore that is oozing poisons that are hugely damaging…it needs to be treated in the best way possible…surgery to remove the infected area and stitched up to let the wound heal.

  3. I will leave you to your torment Tim. I am just glad I had to work because the
    Esher trip was on the agenda. I think I shall be doing the match stats again on Saturday for Norman Smith so I have to be a bit circumspect. However, I think your blog and scratching the itch is fantastic. Keep it up.

  4. Believe me…I’m at my computer now, writing tomorrow’s post and silently screaming. If anyone within the club reads it, they’re not going to be happy.

  5. Having had a longer time to think on the way home from work….it’s probably better to …..
    Shout, shout let it all out, these are the things we dream about, come on, I’m talking to you, come on.
    Shout, shout let it all out , these are the things we can do without, come on , I’m talking to you come on.

    Perhaps better??

  6. Oh, superfly
    You’re gonna make your fortune by and by
    But if you lose, don’t ask no questions why
    The only game you know is do or die

    Read more: Curtis Mayfield – Superfly Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  7. Say it’s all right (it’s all right)
    Say it’s all right (it’s all right)
    It’s all right, have a good time
    ‘Cause it’s all right, whoa, it’s all right

    We’re gonna move it slow
    When lights are low
    When you move it slow, it sounds like more
    And it’s all right, whoa, it’s all right

    Now listen to the beat
    Kinda pat your feet
    You got soul, and everybody knows
    That it’s all right, whoa, it’s all right

    When you wake up early in the morning
    Feelin’ sad like so many of us do
    Hum a little soul
    Make life your goal
    And surely something’s got to come to you
    And say it’s all right (it’s all right)
    Say it’s all right (it’s all right)

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