Month: November 2015

A cut above the rest

Even after reflecting on Saturday’s game for another 24 hours, I still think it was a decent win, with far more positives than negatives. The second half was disappointing, mainly because of […]

Over the moon

Three weeks, three wins and a maximum 15 points. The coaches must be pretty satisfied with the progress that Coventry have made since the Esher game, although in truth today’s game was a […]

In the bleak mid-winter…

In the bleak mid-winter, frosty wind may moan… But nowhere near as bitterly now John Wilkinson  is back. With no information coming directly from the club itself and a degree of silence that would […]

Is the grass always greener…?

In yesterday’s post I suggested that unless a series of very unlikely events happened, the remainder of this season is going to be more about making a statement of intent in readiness for the next than […]

Onwards and upwards…

Congratulations to Broadstreet. First on account of their recent form, particularly at home where they’ve won their last two games after such a poor start to the season and secondly because they […]

Plus ca change…

I guess if you attended the game on Saturday, as a Coventry fan you’ll still be on something of a natural high. Having lost more matches than we ‘d won this season and on […]