Fri. May 14th, 2021
Tickled pink
Tickled pink

Okay, it might not be quite what the Psychedelic Furs were referring to in the song with the eponymous title and it’s a good job Cov didn’t take the meaning of the song literally, but personally I think this new Cov away strip is fantastic. And if it was good enough for Stade Francaise, then…

Cov will always be synonymous with blue and white and, left to me we would go back to the old design of traditional blue and white hoops of the 60s and 70s for both home and away games, unless there’s a clash in which case you have an alternative. And well,  this is certainly one of the options to get people talking. It’s bold, striking and will appeal to a broader fan base (I have a feeling that women might prefer this to Cov’s more traditional masculine colours???)…Trial it at a home game and stock it in the shop…£5 off it bought that day…Teambag and Coventry would be on to a winner.
I imagine some of the players will have been involved in the preliminary discussions regarding the choice of pink, but I’d still love to be in the changing room the firs time they wear them.
Or perhaps I wouldn’t…

Certainly, when my granddaughter arrives in February, she’s going to find one of the new Cov babygrow’s nestling in her crib…. Who could resist this…?

Cov seem to have struck a good relationship with Teambag. There are some great items of clothing for everyone one to wear, particularly us ageing, paunchy wrinklies for whom the custom fitting, stretch lycra tops aren’t the most flattering. And no I won’t, not even for charity.
Well done Cov and well done Teambag…hopefully all the merchandise will be available in the club shop asap.
I might even get one myself, after all, only ‘real’ men wear pink.

By Tim

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