Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Early days still, but it already seems  as if it’s going to be very tight at the top, with the favourites for promotion either losing a game or two, or failing to pick up vital bonus points and teams we hadn’t expected to do so well are causing some shocks. As one of the promotion hopefuls ourselves, we’ve tended (or at least I have!) to concentrate on teams at the top of the table, understandably.

But what about those at the other end? Which teams do you think will be in the bottom three come the end of the season? For their supporters, it’s a question of celebrating points won, not regretting points lost.

I would much rather be in our position than worrying about where the next win is going to come from.

I have included all the teams in their present league order, although clearly with only three games gone, this won’t look anything like the final table in April (hopefully!). Please indicate your THREE choices in the appropriate space against the clubs you have selected…

Thank you for taking part.




By Tim

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