Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

It seems that I could be something of talisman for Coventry. 

During the couple of weeks I’ve been away, the club have won their opening two games in convincing style, gaining the all-important extra bonus point in both, are top of the league, albeit on points difference, (with Rosslyn Park dropping a point with a 15-16 away win at Plymouth) and have signed two players, including an international No 8 with over 50 caps. Not bad going. And the run has now officially started; 2 out of two with Hartpury at home next Saturday.
Now, I doubt very much if either Scott Morgan or Jon Sharp are even aware of this blog, let alone read it, but if anyone has their ear perhaps they could suggest either one of them approach me in a ground-breaking sponsorship deal…I’d be prepared to leave the country on extended visits to, I don’t know, let’s say Florida, the Caribbean and some of the South Sea Islands, paid for by the club. In return for this selfless gesture on my part, the club continues to receive the good fortune my absence clearly bestows on the BPA. A great personal sacrifice but one that evidently makes even greater sense for the club, both on a playing level and financially.
I’ll leave the offer on the table…
We’re still at sea at the moment and with no internet access (other than the $55 for 90 minutes offer – or $199 for the full 9 days). However,  I managed to purloin a few minutes of access from someone we’re traveling with this morning (Sat – around 7.00 pm GMT) and who had free minutes as part of their ‘package’, to find out how Cov had got on and look at the scores in the other matches in National One. It made for very pleasant reading.
Sadly, I’ve no details of the match highlights although I’m presuming Sam was able to tweet them live, so I should be able to access them tomorrow. Hopefully, we got through the game without any injuries and can look forward to fielding another strong side on Saturday. What is interesting is that we started the Loughborough game with a team on paper that looked pretty much like the one finishing the end of last season. The backs, it could be argued, were a weaker unit with neither Hurrell or Rundle who both caused so many problems for the opposition after Dom’s last injury around Christmas. The forwards included a couple of changes, that’s all.
Yet Coventry still managed to put 48 points past them. Perhaps Loughborough were particularly disappointing, but I’m inclined to believe, without having seen any match report (so apologies if I’ve got this totally wrong) that there is a mood, a spirit, within the team – the result of a confidence both in themselves individually and as a squad. Coventry’s coaching team are in the happiest of positions; able to bring in quality players in any position and it make little or no difference to the overall performance. We haven’t been able to do that for a long time and provided we don’t continue to pick up injuries we should be fine. And, with some of the injured players due to return in the next two or three weeks, the coaches must be in confident mood. With the big Romanian no 8, Daniel Carpo, to join us after his country’s exit from the World Cup, the forwards should be even more competitive. If he can make the sorts of difference Jacques did when he first joined Cov, then he will be a tremendous signing.
Two wins out of two should begin to generate more interest amongst the casual Cov supporters who need some persuading to venture back to Coventry. The only rugby team that bears the city’s name, averaging over 45 plus points a game, top of the league and with talk of a possible promotion chasing season should be enough to ensure an extra couple of hundred through the turnstiles, shouldn’t it? However, with the World Cup getting underway and all the games televised on terrestrial tv, perhaps there won’t be a significant increase for a few weeks yet. If that’s the case, it’s important the team keep the momentum going for as long as possible. But I was well out in my ‘guesstimate’ for the Wharfedale game so perhaps I should learn my lesson. What is clear though is that the financial implications of a good run can’t be underestimated.
I can’t wait for next Saturday’s game and to watch my first league game of the season. I still haven’t managed to put a face to every name on the squad list and we’re over half way through September. Shocking!
…however, come the Hartpury game, I’m half expecting to be in Jamaica, or somewhere equally exotic, drinking Bacardi and toasting the chairman’s generosity in ensuring I am out of the country for another few weeks. So Jon if you are listening…I’m awaiting the phone call part of which, to misquote Harry Belafonte, might go something like this…
‘Hey, Mister Talisman, tally me banana
Daylight come so stay away from home’

By Tim

2 thought on “Hey, Mr Talisman….”
  1. Lol…yep…you’ve got me there. That will teach me…! I do apologise should I have upset anyone. It was more of a dig at another group of southern exiles!

  2. “The only rugby team that bears the city’s name,”
    Coventry Welsh RFC? Coventry Technical RFC and, being a bit cheeky, Coventry Bears RL?

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