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Loughborough Students v Coventry – Match Tweets

Sun just about shining… signal strength good.. 20 minutes to go!


First half

  • 0 mins Jones kicks off and the game is under way
  • 1 mins Price takes first lineout. Taken cleanly by Roberts but Cov lose possession shortly after
  • 2 mins Pen for Cov kicked to corner
  • 4 mins The catch and drive which was so effective last week, is again this week. Try Cov as pack go over with Evans getting the ball down.
  • Converted by Jones Cov lead 0-7
  • 5 mins Kick-off straight out

Students Scrum

  • 7 mins Pen to Cov kicked to corner
  • 8 mins And Cov go over for a second time… Parkins the scorer from another big catch and drive.
  • Jones with conversion. Cov lead 0-14
  • The Cov pack have been very effective at the maul so far
  • 11 mins Loughboroughborough penalty … they opt to kick for goal
  • Wide of posts
  • 12 mins SUB
  • MacBurnie off for Ryan (blood injury)
  • 17 mins Loughborough seeing plenty of ball but not making much ground with it. Big hits from Cov resulting in a few early knock-ons from the Students
  • 18 mins Penalty to Cov for not releasing the man on the floor. Kicked by Jones. Cov lead 0-17
  • 19 mins SUB
  • Ryan is off for MacBurnie (Blood injury returns)
  • 22 mins Loughborough look to break from a lineout but it was knocked on first. Scrum Cov
  • 24 mins Big scrum for Cov there. Loughborough penalised and Jones kicks into their half
  • 25 mins Ball goes wide from lineout and kicked through by Hamilton but it’s a bit ambitious Loughborough clear but it’s back in Cov hands
  • 26 mins Hamilton very vocal in the opening stages for Cov
  • 27 mins Scrum to Loughborough after some tough defending, but they are driven back, the ball goes loose and rolls over the try line. Evans there first
  • Try Cov Evans gets it
  • 28 mins Kick is from wide right for Jones
  • Gets it
  • Cov lead 0-24
  • 30 mins Nice link up from Callum and Knox as Cov drive the ball back up field from kick off. Knox making a few yards there.
  • 31 mins Obstruction call from the ref against Cov in the lineout
  • 33 mins Cov defence is all over the place from line-out as Loughborough drive forward. They just about regroup when Dom intercepts and is clear…..
  • …..But the ref calls it back. Cov were offside in the build up
  • Try Loughborough drive over following pen
  • 34 mins Conversion well wide Cov lead 5-24
  • 36 mins Loughborough break but Preece with a big hit and steal
  • 37 mins Pen to Loughborough kicked to Cov 22. They might fancy another before half time
  • 39 mins Good tackle from Dom. Loughborough don’t release and Cov clear into Loughborough half
  • 40 mins Big scrum again from Cov. Loughborough penalised and Cov kick to corner
  • 40+2 mins Roberts gets up high, and Cov then drive over. The Ref can’t see it touched down. Scrum toCov
  • Too easy from Cov there as Loughborough driven back and Preece touches down from back of scrum
  • Bonus point Cov
  • 40+3 mins Jones with conversion attempt but it’s not over.

Half time

  • Score: Cov lead 5-29

Second Half

  • 41 mins Loughborough kick off and the 2nd half is under way
  • SUB
  • Poole is off for Hope
  • Preece is off for Woodburn
  • Bit of a shift around: Pailor goes into second row; Hope and Woodburn as flankers, Oliver No.8
  • 43 mins Loughborough come out strong in the second half. Possession and territory all theirs so far’
  • 45 mins Wasteful knock on from Loughborough when attacking, it leads to Cov possession. But Cov then don’t release the ball on floor. And it’s a pen to Loughborough
  • Kicked to Cov 22
  • They drive over but Jones tackles well and holds the Loughborough player up over the line
  • 46 mins Loughborough kick to corner again
  • 48 mins Cov steal lineout and clear…
  • SUB
  • Parkins is off for Thorne
  • 50 mins Scrum holding up well despite changes
  • 51 mins Cov knocking on Loughborough door now
  • Ball goes wide. It’s a looped pass which just goes to Hamilton. He’s over but somehow held up should have scored there… scrum Cov
  • 52 mins Scrum pushes Loughborough back all too easily there. Oliver at back of scrum touches over the line
  • 53 mins Jones can’t add the 2 points Cov lead 5-34
  • 57 mins Cliffie yellow carded as Cov struggle to contain Loughborough backs running at them
  • 59 mins Pressure from Loughborough eased as Cov take possession on half way line
  • 60 mins Lovely break from Dom. Support is late arriving. It’s a forward pass as he attempts off load
  • SUB
  • Evans off for Everton-Lee
  • 63 mins Loughborough try and kick into the space where Cliffie would have been. Too ambitious for a real chase though
  • 64 mins Lineout Cov in Loughborough 22
  • 65 mins Accidently offside in lineout
  • 66 mins Loughborough clear to half way
  • 68 mins Pen for not releasing to Loughborough. Good kick and it’s a lineout Cov in 22
  • 70 mins Yellow to Knox. Ref gives it for dangerous tackle. ..
  • Cliffie returns from the bin… well timed there
  • SUB
  • Jones is off for Ryan
  • 73 mins Ref getting frustrated as the scrum has to be reset again
  • Pen Cov and Ryan kicks to corner
  • 75 mins Cov drive over Brown does the honours touching the ball down
  • Cliffie to take conversion attempt
  • 76 mins Converted. Cov lead 5-41
  • 78 mins Lucky for Cov there. They drop the ball from the kick off but Loughborough can’t make opportunity count. Pen to Cov clears danger
  • SUB
  • Brown is off for Parkins
  • 79 mins Loughborough full back gets a much deserved try. Caused problems when running with ball all half
  • 80 mins Converted. Cov lead 12-41
  • SUB
  • Hamilton is off for Jones.
  • Knox returns from the bin
  • Knock on by Loughborough from Restart. The Loughborough player upset with himself there… he slams the ball down
  • 80+1 mins Ball comes out. Finds Knox and he glides through
  • Try for Knox
  • 80+2 mins Converted by Cliffie. Cov lead 12-48
  • 80+3 mins And the whistle goes.


  • Cov win 48 12

And some from the Players

Dom Students Tweet

Price Students tweets

Hope Studnets tweets

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