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Coventry v Wharfedale – Match Tweets

Below are a collection of tweets from today’s game. Hopefully this gives some indication of how the game unfolded for those who couldn’t make it.

Cov v wharfe

  • 5 minutes to kick off. No changes to previously announced line up
  • Minutes silence before the game to pay respects for Phil Judd and Vernon Morgan
  • Cov debut new shirts today

First Half

  • 0 mins Wharfedale kick off away from railway end
  • 1 mins Cov take first lineout cleanly
  • Penalty to Cov kicked to corner
  • Lineout not straight though.. scrum to Wharfedale
  • 2 mins Try Cov. Rob Knox
  • Coventry attacking the Wharfedale line and Rob Knox goes over from a couple of meters out
  • 3mins Conversion attempt wide by Jones Cov lead 5 – 0
  • 7mins Scrum to Cov on Wharfedale 22 after Wharfedale knock on after their own scrum put in. Scrum looking strong for Cov
  • Penalty to Cov. Jones to kick at goal
  • 8mins He puts it over from right in front of posts Cov lead 8 -0
  • 11 mins Big drive into 22 Preece and Pailor linking well ball goes out wide and Cov go over for a try. First try for Tincknell
  • 12 mins Great kick from Jones from out wide goes over. Cov 15 -0
  • 15 mins Chip over the top of Wharfedale defence by Hamilton is knocked on by covering player. Scrum Cov in Wharfedale 22
  • 16 mins Lineout deep in Wharfedale 22
  • 17 mins Cov penalised from resulting maul
  • SUB
    • Hough limps off and Ryan comes on
  • Hamilton over to wing Ryan full back
  • 19 mins Try for Knox. Big tackle turns over possession and once Knox gets it there’s only one outcome. He runs through the gaps and goes over
  • Converted by Jones Cov lead 22 -0
  • 25 mins Ref plays long advantage there for Cov. Penalty kicked to corner and lineout won. Big drive and Cov go over. Price gets the bonus point try
  • 26 mins Jones successful with conversion. Cov 29 -0
  • 30 mins Penalty to Wharfedale kicked to Cov corner
  • 31 mins And again. Wharfedale putting a bit of possession together now
  • 32mins Wharfedale try. Ball goes out to Wharfedale centre Morgan who bounces through a tackle and goes over. Converted. Cov lead 29 – 7
  • 34 mins Wharfedale looking much livelier now. They run the ball back at Cov before being penalised for diving over the top at the ruck
  • 36 mins Cov kick a penalty to corner. Catch and drive again too much for Wharfedale but ref blows whistle for infringement
  • Tempers definitely flaring up on the pitch…
  • 37 mins Ref blows up as once again things get a bit too physical
  • 38 mins One from each side in the bin. Pailor off for Cov
  • 40 mins Lovely stuff from cov . They run from deep and eventually Tincknell goes over running the ball in from wide
  • Jones adds the conversion and ref blows for half time. Cov lead 36 -7


  • 1259 attendance today

Second Half

  • 41 mins Cov kick off attacking away from railway end
  • No changes to team at half time
  • Poole knocks on after taking the ball in the lineout
  • 45 mins Ryan with a clever little kick puts the ball behind the Wharfedale defence in their 22. Ref rules he wasn’t pulled back…. Wharfedale clear
  • 51 mins SUB
    • Price is off for Hope
    • Pailor off for Woodburn
  • 52 mins Wharfedale with pen in Cov 22. They opt for corner
  • 53 mins Wharfedale change hooker and full back
  • Cov steal lineout but knock on in process. Scrum to Wharfedale
  • 54 mins Evans and Oliver combine to turnover. It’s cleared. Quick lineout by Wharfedale is knocked on…
  • 55 mins SUB
    • Brown is off for Sigley
  • 56 mins Wharfedale penalised for high tackle. Not the first we’ve seen of those from Wharfedale today
  • 58 mins Cov lineout misses target but Woodburn reacts quickest to claim loose ball.
  • 59 mins Woodburn takes the lineout ball as intended this time though
  • 60 mins Wharfedale break. Covering tackle from Ryan required.
  • Dom is sin binned for something .. not entirely sure what ..
  • 61 mins Cov need to get discipline sorted here. They were marched back a further 10 meters shortly before
  • 62 mins So much space out wide and Wharfedale casually pass ball into it… Then go over. Try for 14 Labasse
  • 63 mins Great conversion from out wide by Wharfedale takes it to 36 – 14
  • SUB
    • Tincknell off for Lee Everton
  • 64 mins Wharfedale making the man advantage count now. Scrum just inside Cov 22 with their put in
  • 65 mins Scrum half almost breaks through for Wharfedale .. He’s just brought down. Cov turnover ball and Jones kicks clear to the half way line
  • 67 mins Hamilton take a knock. I hope he’s okay. Cov really need his influence on the pitch if they are to bring the game back under control
  • 68 mins Cov kick penalty into Wharfedale 22
  • Good lineout. Catch and drive in full effect and Cov go over for a try
  • Debut try for Hope
  • 70 mins Conversion attempt wide of posts takes it to Cov 41 Wharfedale 14
  • 71 mins Dom back on for Cov
  • 73 mins Kick from Wharfedale out on the full. Back to half way line for scrum
  • SUB
    • Oliver off for Pailor
  • 75 mins Wharfedale break from scrum bit Ryan makes a tackle. No one in support which gives Cov a chance to clear to touch
  • SUB
    • Parkins off for Brown
  • 79 mins Good tackling for Cov leads to turnover. Cov looking much more settled again
  • 80mins Rob Knox awarded man of the match
  • Ref Blows for the end of the game


  • Coventry 41 Wharfedale 14

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