Month: September 2015

Running on reserves…

Whilst Coventry were losing to Richmond on Saturday, in National Two (North) near neighbours Broadstreet were entertaining Macclesfield at home. The game ended 37-53 and means ‘Street have now lost all their […]

Ups and downs

A big week for Coventry this. Two consecutive defeats and things suddenly look very different. After two thumping wins against Wharfedale and Loughborough in the opening leagues games of the season we […]

Everything on track…

The team announced yesterday for Saturday’s game against Richmond  contains few surprises. Well, to my untrained eyes at least just the one, to be precise. The absence of George Oliver in the […]

Coffee break …

As the mood hasn’t been quite so ebullient since Saturday and since we’re in the quiet period of the week, awaiting the release of the team news for Cov’s game at Richmond, I thought I’d […]

Time to move on…to Richmond

Following last weekend’s home defeat to Hartpury College, this week’s visit to the Athletic Ground to play hosts Richmond takes on additional significance for Coventry supporters. The manner in which Cov bounce […]

That morning after feelin’

Eighteen hours on and with plenty of time to reflect on the whys and wherefores, it’s still difficult to explain just why Coventry failed to recreate the kind of performance that anyone who attended […]

Suggestion Box….

I thought long and hard about posting this, but having read and re-read what I’ve written several times, I don’t think it can be construed in any way as being critical of […]