Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Below are a collection of tweets from todays game. Hopefully this give some indication of how the game unfolded for those who couldn’t make it.

A picture taken with 80 mins to kick off…. Is there anywhere better than this to spend a Saturday afternoon #upthecov

Butts Park

Though my efforts were surpassed by Devlin Hope’s tweet (@hopeseven) Butts park looking magnificent today let’s go! Come on cov

DH Butts Park

  • It’s announced that Ealing will field different line-ups in each half

First Half

  • 0 mins Ealing kick off to the railway end. Game underway
  • 2 mins Ealing knock on after first lineout. Cov take loose ball and shortly lose it. Ref says advantage over…
  • 3 mins Cov give away pen and Ealing opt for the posts
  • 0 – 3 Davies makes the kick
  • 6 mins Pen to Cov as Ealing player doesn’t roll away. Cov opt for the posts. Jones to take
  • 3 -3 Jones with successful kick
  • 8 mins Ealing pass ball into touch. Oops. First lineout for Cov successful
  • 9 mins Pen to Cov. They again opt for the posts.
  • 6 – 3 Jones again successful
  • 11 mins Knock on by Ealing from the restart. First scrum goes to Cov.
  • 14 mins Ref resets the scrum again. Then awards Cov a pen.
  • Cov kick to just outside the Ealing 22. And a successful lineout again
  • 15 mins Cov move the ball across the pitch before knocking on. Scrum to Ealing.
  • 17 mins Ealing given pen from the scrum.
  • 19 mins Ealing number 6 Harrison Orr breaks a tackle and runs clear before Oliver eventually tackles. Penalty given away by Cov from the ruck Ealing go for posts
  • 6 – 6 Davies kicks the pen
  • 21 mins Lineout looking better so far. Cov again take a Price throw cleanly.
  • Turned over quickly by Ealing and number 6 Harrison Orr runs through a tackle. Try for Orr
  • Converted by Davies 6 – 13
  • 24 mins Another scrum leads to another penalty. Not an easy kick from there so Cov opt for the corner
  • 25 mins Not the best lineout as Cov lose the ball but Ealing knock on after taking possession. Scrum to Cov and ball comes out cleanly
  • Cov attack and quickly go over for a try. Oliver with the try!
  • 13 – 13 Jones converts
  • 28 mins Oliver a tackling machine. Good pressure from Cov forcing Ealing to give away a pen. Jones opts for the posts. He’ll be kicking from the 10m line
  • Misses. Just wide of the left most post
  • 30 mins Jones kicks through and a great chase by Dom sees him take the ball in the Ealing 22. Desperate tackle by Ealing (who could only grab Dom’s shirt) brings Dom down. Knock on
  • 31 mins Ealing kick to the edge of their 22. Cov lineout.
  • 34 mins Lineout leads to a loss of possession as Roberts can’t quite get hold of it
  • 35 mins Tackling from Cov is good but Ealing keep coming. They’re not going to break the Cov defense this time though. They kick over the top but it goes out of play
  • 36 mins Looked like Ealing had the last touch. Linesman disagrees. Tempers flair up after the lineout
  • 37mins SIN BIN Price yellow carded. Not sure he made the right call there. Penalty to Ealing
  • 39 mins Penalty kicked by Davies. 13 16
  • 40 mins +1 The impressive Ealing number 6 Harrison Orr is turned over this time. Long ball kicked down field and Dom chases. Picks the ball up 5 yards out. He’s not stopped this time
  • Try to Cov. Dom!!!
  • Great ball from Jones there. Spotted the space well
  • Converted by Jones from wide Cov lead 20 16. Ref blows for half time


  • HT Attendance announced as 496

Second Half

  • 41 mins Second half underway
  • SUB
    • Price is off and Hope is on. Sin Bin doesn’t appear to have been carried over to the second half.
  • 44 mins Pen to Cov as Ealing pull maul down..kicked into Ealing half
  • Ref awards Cov with pen after Ealing infringe in the lineout. Kicked to the corner
  • Clean take by Roberts.
  • 46 mins Cov going through the phases and attacking well. Have advantage
  • Ref gives the pen kicked to corner. Roberts takes the line out ball again and Cov drive over!!
  • Preece with the try
  • 47 mins Conversion attempt wide of the up right by Jones. 25 16
  • 50 mins Linesman spots something off the ball. Pen to Cov. Line out then lost
  • 57 mins Bit back and forth at the moment. Kick by Jones finds touch on Ealing 22
  • 58 mins Up and under from Hodgson finds Dom. He feeds Poole. Better from Cov. Ealing give away pen while trying to halt momentum
  • Jones with Pen to take it to Cov 28 16
  • 59 mins SUB
    • Lotti on for Preece
    • Sigley on for Parkin
    • Evans off for Lee-Everton
  • 62 mind Cov again looking aggressive with ball in hand. Kick out wide that’s looking to release Dom can only find touch
  • SUB
    • Hodgson off for Ryan
    • Lespierre off for MacBurnie
    • Tincknell moved to wing
  • 64 mins SUB
    • Canning on for Jones
  • 65 mins Ref awards pen against Cov in the scrum off own put in. Not been many completed scrums from either side today
  • SUB
    • Roberts off for Wright
    • Oliver off for Woodburn
    • Brown off for Stout
    • Tincknell off and Hamilton on
  • 73 mins Great Cov defence sees turnover. Kicked down field finding touch mid-way in Ealing half. That’ll help ease the pressure
  • 74 mins Cov again turn over and ref awards pen as Ealing player attempts to hold ball at bottom of ruck
  • Canning to go for points from wide right of posts
  • Not successful and Ealing clear
  • 76 mins Again penalty to Cov for not releasing. Canning puts ball into Ealing 22. Price back on in time for line out
  • He finds his manLineout
  • 77 mins SUB
  • Sam Baker on for Ryan Hough
  • 80 mins Ealing lineout on Cov 22
  • Cov give away pen which is taken quickly
  • 80+1 mins Another pen given away. In front of posts
  • Ealing opt for scrum
  • 5 points in it. 40 mins on the clock…
  • SUB
    • Break in play as Canning goes off injured Hough on
  • 80+3 mins Ref penalises Cov scrum…
  • 80+4 mins Pen to Cov from the scrum
  • Can’t be much time left
  • There’s not. Cov win!!!!


  • 28 23 to Cov

By Tim

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