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I’ve been really impressed with much of what has been going on in recent months to improve the whole BPA experience on a match day. Jon Sharp clearly has the interests of the supporters in mind, as well as the success of the team. It’s such a refreshing change from some previous eras.

What  do you think should be the next ‘project’ for the club from the viewpoint of a spectator attending  a game…

Incidentally, in the two previous polls, the vast majority of those who voted wanted to see Moseley on the ‘friendlies’ fixture list and most people felt the largest home crowd would be between 2100 and 2300.

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  1. Among my best early memories of being taken to Cov by my Dad were the Boxing day fixtures against Moseley. I voted Moseley but, hopefully, there won’t be a requirement for a friendly fixture next year!

    • Me, too. There’s was one in particular that stands out…Moseley refusing to play because the pitch at Coundon was ‘allegedly’ frozen! Great games, big crowds and lots of banter. Would be great if we do meet up next year…hope Terry S is till about!

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