Coventry Rugby Club – Soon to be back on the map, hopefully…?

240-1_4a_c.3a7455eI always find the build up to the pre-season friendlies the most frustrating of times. There  must be a little known mathematical principle attached to CRFC at this time of year that goes something like; ‘there is an inverse relationship between the need of the supporter to find out all that is happening at BPA and the willingness of the club to provide it’. Supporters who live outside of Coventry are not always well catered for (presuming, of course, that those within the CV postcode are, which I guess might not be the case?). JW to become full time press/media officer – I wish…

It sounds like I’m having a pop at the club here; I’m not. The official website and Twitter feeds do give out some useful information, as does the Facebook page, but there are enough die-hard supporters to make a more regular ‘What’s happening CV1 3GE’ a weekly feature at least…and it would pull-in others who have a passing interest. With little for supporters  to talk about in the summer, the momentum that was so obvious at the end of last season is somewhat negated and it’s almost as if we have to start again. Players who are semi-pro, or even those who are full-time could, and should, be contributing to spreading the word in some sort of ‘evangelical’ capacity…not just in a community sense, to schools and youngsters (which the likes of Matt Price do so well), but also to those who pay at the turnstiles.

Both are equally important. It wouldn’t be difficult to do. By ‘evangelical’ I mean spreading the word, you know the sort of thing: ‘At the beginning of the summer break, the club was without form; and void; and darkness was upon the face of the club. And the Spirit Of Phil moved across the face of the Club and said, ‘Let there be light: and there was more information given out. And Phil saw the information, saw that it was good information…etc etc’.

It is desperately quiet at this time of year and as a supporter, itching to watch my team perform again on the pitch, I want to know more about what has been happening during the close season. Yes, the Fans Forum gives us a chance to ask a few questions and hear from the likes of Phil and Scot Morgan (who always comes across as a particularly good and witty speaker), but it always has the feel of something that is done because it should be done, rather than because it’s providing the fans with the information they really want. Weekly updates on the website about everything connected with the club from player interviews, introductions to background staff, to the average number of pints drunk on the Saturday of a home game would provide lots of talking points…

The unofficial Coventry website is a godsend and a real life-line to those of us who live outside of Coventry or who don’t get to meet those in-the-know. Dave Roach does an incredible job and I’m sure he doesn’t truly realise how much his efforts are appreciated. The legends of the board, the likes of Kimbo, Nigel, OldNick, CovMick, Tonker, BigM, CovKid53, Rustyroof et al. are like an extended family and provide interesting and often thoughtful discussions about all things Cov, but most of these doyens of the Board know each other and sometimes it becomes a bit too ‘cliquey’ for those outside of the loop. Feed the Board with more information from the club and far more of the public would get involved in discussions through the unofficial website. A word here in support of OldNick who seems to spend a lot of time providing photos and unofficial answers to some of the questions thrown up on the Board. He gets a bit of stick every now and again, but not from me.

In the media-savvy world in which we live today, it wouldn’t be hard or that time-consuming to present regular instalments of news, views and general information from the end of the last season up to the eve of the opening pre-season friendly. This would only serve to generate more interest within and beyond the local community. As it is, this season has been particularly quiet; it feels as if we’ve been on starvation rations. The drip feed of news from the Club has done little to quench the thirst for information from which so many of us suffer.

I’m sure this will read as a moan. It’s not meant to be. I expect that Coventry RFC provides just the same sort of close season information as most other clubs in our league. The difference is, for me at least, we just aren’t ‘most other clubs’…

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