Sun. Apr 18th, 2021
Enough to send my grandad to an early grave…

Aged about 75 and in the early/mid 1970s, my maternal grandfather had to stop going to Coundon Road to watch his beloved Cov because he would grow too excitable. Indeed, he already had a heart condition and during the more exciting passages of play he would discretely slip a pill under his tongue to counter the angina attacks he would suffer…whenever Coventry threatened the line, or when the likes of Duckham, Preece, Evans, Dalton, Cowman and co were running at the opposition, his elbow would dig into my side and he’d become fidgety and anxious. He realised it was all too much for him.

It was grandad who had  introduced me to Coventry RFC in the early 60s and for years three generations of my family would sit side-by-side on those hard wooden benches, watching Coventry’s steady decline,  always believing each season hailed a change in fortune for the club.

Now I, too, am a grandfather and on the odd occasion my young grandson attends, there are four generations at BPA to watch what I continue to believe is Coventry’s renaissance; I am ever the optimist. I guess I’m trying to say that Coventry RFC is in my DNA and the blue blood I bleed is not that of royalty, but of a lifelong love of all things Cov. I am no different to countless other supporters…the club has this effect on its supporters.

It is my intention to detail in this blog some of my thoughts and feelings about what happens on and off the pitch during the course of this season. However, given my inability to keep a new year’s resolution much beyond the second or third week of January, the prospects of this being achieved are minimal! But retirement means I have the time now, as well as the inclination, and writing involves far less pain than dieting or any of the other countless self-sacrifices endured at the start of the year so I’m hopeful. Fingers crossed.

Living some distance from the ground and not having access to anything other than public transport, I tend not to hang around after a game for a post match debrief over a pint or two, or to listen to others share their feelings. I travel to fewer away games these days, although that might change now, given that weekends aren’t really weekends any more now that I’m not working. Perhaps I should be more sociable and not resort to blogs, but I’m something of an introvert and prefer to log on to the message board to find out what people think. Of course, I accept this is somewhat self-limiting as there are only a relatively few contributors. This always strikes me as being a real shame because those who do contribute seem always to have to have the best interests of the club at heart, even if they don’t always share the same views about what is, or isn’t happening. Perhaps success this season will generate more interest and, in turn, more use of the board.

Anyway, introductions over. More on the forthcoming season soon…

By Tim

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